Local tennis court specialists, Fosse Contracts have been awarded the contract to resurface our front six courts in the popular artificial red clay, with work commencing in early February.

The surfaces of the front six courts which include the Club’s show courts, currently have an artificial grass surface known as Savanna and have reached the end of their useable lifetime.  Back in October of last year, the Club held an EGM where the Committee asked members to vote on their preferred surface.  Members voted overwhelmingly in favour of artificial red clay which, unlike the Savanna, is an LTA approved court surface.

Five of the Clubs 18 tennis courts have already been resurfaced in artificial clay (also laid by Fosse Contracts), and are always the first courts to be booked out. They are known to be good for limiting the impact on joints as they have has less traction and also allow for ‘slide’, which many players enjoy.  Clay is known to be a slower play surface, ideal for players with heavy topspin as the ball moves slower making points and rallies last longer and the game more exciting to watch .  The other advantage to clay is they drain exceptionally well, and are less prone to frost due to the massive volume of sand required to both fill and sit on top of the carpet, even during a particularly icy spell, clay courts don’t get nearly as slippery as artificial grass.  The minor downside to this of course, is that players need to drag the courts with mats after play to smooth the sand on the surface for subsequent players, although no one appears to mind this too much.

The Club already hosts an annual grade 3 clay court tournament in early May on the existing 5 clay courts and the addition of these six newly resurfaced front six courts, will allow the Club to host and expand its tournament portfolio and provide the very best playing surfaces in the midlands.