Head honcho and teaboy: Matt Williams

Sporting Round-up

The following consists of two brief articles updating on this reporters musings.

Dave ’BigD’ Goodman on Song for LT&SC3

Good to see Dave Goodman transitioning the form he has shown in DWC duties to the league fixtures. Dave’s biggest challenge of the night seemed to be getting over the fact that his opponent was dressed as a pirate (Figure 1). An outfit that Leicester fashion guru Rob Wynne was not sure even he could pull off – to summarise, from the floor up; red trainers accented with fluorescent yellow, black knee-length socks, matching black t-shirt and shorts combination, black golf glove on racquet hand all topped with a quite marvellous black beany! A healthy 9% rise on squash levels following the comfortable victory continues Dave’s consistent improvement this season.

The Perils of an Ageing Team

The closely knit band of brothers that make up LT&SC2 have been rocked in recent weeks by injuries and illness. Status update below and artist impression below…

The mid-season break can’t come quickly enough for the fragile bunch, where a fitness boot-camp, to be ran by Ollie Woods team, will hopefully make or break the team.